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- - Welcome - -
To Wolf Quest

- - Welcome to Wolf Quest, a wolf RPG site - -

Here you can either play an: Alpha, 2nd In Command, Beta Or An Omega. Fight with us, love with us, breath with us, die with us. Our world is has many unknown secrets. It's time for us to discover them. Will you help us? Or will you roam the Ghost Forest for one day and be taken down by one of the packs. Nothing is ever safe in the Ghost. But then again, was it ever? Join our quest. Join our fight, for survival.

....Wolf Quest....

V.1: Flames & Blood

How You Can Join:
1.Make Up a Character(Please don't use this example)
2.Create a description[Backstory, looks, etc..]
3.Join one of the packs and fight..

- - Example - -
Firo - Handsome raven black male-wolf with lamlicious amber eyes. Cold hearted and has no emotion for anyone, only himself. Wishes to join SilverPack as a beta.

- Please be more decsriptive than this. AND DO NOT USE THIS -


8/23/08: Wolf Quest was handed over by Follow to Silkspider,
Silkspider has some new idea's for the site!

We Have: 22 :Members
Our Member Goal Is: 100 :Members


The Packs:

Wolf Count: 5
Pack Description: Mysterious, beatiful, graceful and clever. Are one smart pack. These wolves fight for justified reasons. They are rule breakers and deadly fighters. Their hearts are burning flames deep within themselves. Are not afraid to help others seek that out in themselves. Brave noble, would die for one another. Have their moments and abousolutely hate to admit they're wrong! Have very sensitive hearing and seeing.

Alpha: Open
Wolf Count: 2
Pack Description: Long-furred because they perfer the cold windswept mountain range. The most hardiest and strongest wolves in the Ghost. Prey on the eagles and hawks that soar the clouds. Often take down a fair sized Elk or two, but that is very rare and doesn't happen often. They despize warm weather and get hot easily.

Alpha: Open
Wolf Count: 1
Pack Description: Head strong, devils, evil. FlamePack wolves are known for they're fierceness, The other packs stear clear of FlamePack's way. Of course a rare fight happens once in a while. Unlike SilverPack, FlamePack are short haired and live in more marshy area's, which would explain their webbed pawpads and greasy, slick fur.

Alpha: Ray
Wolf Count: 4
Pack Description: The largest wolves in the Ghost. Cold-hearted cruel, bloodthirsty. Wouldn't hesitate to kill a tresspasser. Usually has a prisoner of their own or another pack. Prisoners rarely escape the execution. Threatening, have mid-length fur and long sharpened untrimmed claws. The most evil of all the Packs. Deadliest fighters. Overpower the deadly FlamePack by a many.

Alpha: Open
Wolf Count: 4
Pack Description: The adult pack, 18 year olds and over. Specifically named after the Ghost Forest. These wolves are fearless, quick and smart. They have medium length fur and some of them are married and may/may not have children. Strong minded but very open to others.

Current Season:
Late Autumn
Cold, windy, months lie ahead of us. But theer will be many before the sweeping nothern winds blow and a crystal white blanket covers the ghost for some moons...
Prey Abundance: Getting low
Year: 1


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